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six.zero.six. c.o.r.e.


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appalachian punk rock/ metal/ hardcore/ indie/ scene/ diy inspiration.
this is our community. there's nothing else like it in the world.

-spikeydrew & necr_ophelia

(western virginia, northeastern tennesee, north western north carolina, north eastern georgia, the entire state of west virginia, south eastern ohio, and anyone else who has that tight knit feeling about them welcome too.)

YouthBored.com LAST FM Group

606 wrecking crew, 88.1, \m/, a killer born, appalachia, appalcore, appalshop, asheville nc, barbeques, bart mcqueary, beer, born for eternity, buttons and pins, chad dye, corbin, courage crew, crimethincing, dear neal, diy, diy fest, driver has a bomb, eddie and paula, elisabethtown tn, emo, floyd county, four story massacre, garebear, gauges, girl pants, hardcore, harlan, hazard, hindman, hxc, inez, johnson city, keavy, knott county, koala fan club, letcher county, london, lost kittens show, lusy, manchester, mattimeo, mesh hats, metal, metalcore, mike johnson, morehead, mountain parkway, music, neon, olympus mons, paintsville, petexrose, pikeville, prestonsburg, pyc, rapture of the meek, redwinterdying, riding shotgun, seedtime, showdown, six centuries in japan, song of the south, southeastern kentucky, southeastern kentucky hardcore, southwestern virginia, space weed, spring break shark attack, squatting, stevetbk, summit city, the boondocks, the crimethinc circus, the fallen, the fewer, the garage, the scene, the superfuls, trav and dave, truth be known, twan, unknown hinson, veganism, vegetarianism, whitesburg, witness the reckoning, wmmt, www.johnslone.org/board, x, youth bored, youthbored, youthbored.com