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7th-May-2006 09:42 pm - Mountain Top Removal
Join this group if you are against mountain-top removal or just want to know more information about it. (My roomate is the moderator of this group too.):


Some more info on mountain top remival can be found at this site:
2nd-Mar-2006 05:57 pm - March 24th - Allen KY
gif; pussy galore

Foxy Shazam
- spazztic metal/surf/punk on tour from Cinci

- Whitesburg True Metal!!!!

Four Story Massacre
- lexington metalcore

I, Sleepwalker
- ex-Leave It At The Door

They Live
- Kingsport hardcore

Friday March 24

6pm $5 All Ages

Stumbo Park Convention Center in Allen, KY

Directions: from the 4 way stop light on us23 (about 6 miles south of
Prestonsburg, 20 miles north of Pikeville), turn in toward the Exxon station.
Take the road through downtown Allen. About a mile past town, turn right at the
big Stumbo Park sign. Follow signs to the convention center.

2nd-Mar-2006 05:31 pm - announcement
I want to see more posts goddamnit.

I changed the layout a little and put a top 10 chart up and a link to 'john slone dot org last.fm group'.

I don't know what to make the link since it redirects you to appalbore. Isn't there a myspace group out there too?
2nd-Mar-2006 04:53 pm - April 1st- Huntington WV.
20th-Dec-2005 01:21 pm - Show Tonight in Johnson City!!!
Tonight at the Hideaway in Johnson City: Asthma Atttaq (FL), Paul Joyner (DC), and locals. Starts around 8:00. 18+. $5?

The Hideaway
235 E. main St. in Johnson City, TN 37604

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dec 16th: Sarasota, FL @ David's House(991 47th ST.) Tour kick-off w/ Fossor Silenti, Mount Awesome, and The Sentinel(x-D.S.A.)...starts 8ish
Dec 17th: Jacksonville, FL @ the Pit w/ Merkit + skate deck art show
Dec 18th: Atlanta, GA @ IDEFY House w/ Paul Joyner and locals.
Dec 19th: Cookeville, TN @ house show w/ Paul Joyner
Dec 20th: Johnson City, TN @ the Hideaway w/Paul Joyner
Dec 21st: Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon ST w/ Paul Joyner and the Kessel Run
Dec 22nd: Washington D.C. @ house show w/ Paul Joyner, Excelone, Danke, and Merkit
Dec 23rd: Warwick, NY @ Tuscan Cafe w/ Paul Joyner, Frame, Canvas The Human
Dec 24th: Philly, PA @ The Be Happy House (early show!) w/ Paul Joyner and Merkit
Dec 25th: Off
Dec 26th: Moline, IL @ Lazer Mansion w/ Lazer Mountain and Leon.
Dec 27th: Des Moines, IA @ House of Bricks w/ Lazer Mountain, This Dialogue, and An Airbag Saved My Life
Dec 28th: Fargo, ND @ VFW w/ Lazer Mountain
Dec 29th: Sioux Falls, SD @ Josh's House w/ Lazer Mountain
Dec 30th: Sioux City, IA @ Cattle Club Collective w/ Lazer Mountain
Dec 31st: Off
Jan 1st: St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts
Jan 2nd: Atlanta, GA @ Lenny's Bar (Kirkwood Ballers Club)...also playing a proper show that night... Ghengis Tron, Capillary Action and Untied States
Jan 3rd: Satellite Beach, FL @ American Legion w/ Coffin Dancer, Devices, Cryptorchid Chipmunk + others.

ASTHMA ATTTAQ hail from Florida's sun coast. Ry Sikora (guitar/noise) and David Curran (drums/noise) spent most of their time on opposite coasts, but converged into a power duo that commands attention through modest and sincere uproarings. Angular guitars and driving drums create a backbone for intriguing compositions that shift at the drop of a dime. Imagine a weird amalgamation of Jerome’s Dream and Hella, with some prog rock elements ala Yes. Screamo/Noise/Prog/Psyche/Metal?

From Dec 18th - 24th Asthma Atttaq will be touring with Paul Joyner.
PAUL JOYNER, formerly of DC-based bands such as Bear & the Butterfly, Tide to the Sidelines, and Fred Foss Jazz Orchestra (which was invited to open for Herbie Hancock at the 2000 Havana Jazz Festival, curated by Cuban pianist Chucho Valdez). touring solo for the first time, Paul also has two entire full-length albums available for download at his website.

From Dec 26th - 30th Asthma Atttaq will be touring with Lazer Mountain.
Hailing from Moline, IL LAZER MOUNTAIN can best be described as band of hessians riding anything that floats down the mississippi to share a pipe with a vampire at the cemtary. Think Black Dice/The Who/The Locust.
27th-Oct-2005 12:14 pm(no subject)
does anyone ever feel like the scene has shifted its axis in the past few years from whitesburg to london? sorta?
15th-Sep-2005 06:25 pm(no subject)
Hello. If any of you are in a band or know a band who would be interested in participating in a Battle of the Bands... click this lj-cut to find out more information about one I'm helping put together on October 8th at 7 p.m. in Corbin, Kentucky.

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